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    Book description

    Through poems about prayer, conversion and faith, Tim Bete shares his search for God—a search that is common to each of us. Somewhere in the intersection of holy silence and the struggles of daily life, God appears: in a winter evening walk, in the smell of incense at church, in a blue patio chair, in the Sacrament of Confession. More than a collection of poems, this book is a prayer journal—a glimpse into the faith journey of the poet.

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    “Beautiful and very accomplished. There's a spareness about the language and a quietness which makes these poems excellent vehicles for reflection and prayer. We need God’s stillness in the world. These poems really contain His silence.”
    — Sally Read, poet and author of Night’s Bright Darkness

    “In this collection of beautiful and soul stirring poems, the reader will discover a means of transport into the center of the human encounter with God…For those who appreciate good poetry, this will be a very enjoyable read. But even more so, for those who seek in poetry an encounter between the interior and the eternal, this collection will serve as fair passage.”
    — Mark Danis, OCDS, co-host of the Carmelite Conversations radio program


    "Gorgeous Catholic poetry."
    — Leslie Lynch


    "If you are Catholic and think that you do not like poetry, this book will change your mind."
    — W.R. Rodriguez. author of
    The Bronx Trilogy

    "You have touched my heart, mind and soul with your unique prayerful poems in a way I can't describe."
    — Sheila Buska, author of Paul's World

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